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Across America, animal owners, animal enterprise, farmers, ranchers, and agriculture

concerns are under the daily threat from animal rights organizations and their wellfunded lobby efforts to pass onerous legislation detrimental to their survival.

Extremely concerning are the number of federal law makers who accept campaign

contributions and other donations from these animal rights organizations; namely,

Humane Society Legislation Fund (HSLF), Animal Wellness Action (AWA), Animal Welfare

Institute (AWI), and others who urge law makers to sponsor and pass legislation that

increases government interference and increased oversight by institutions charged with

enforcement of rules and regulations related to animal-related businesses, farming, and


The website documents federal campaign contributions to lawmakers

by these anti-agriculture animal rights organizations.


We urge federal law makers to oppose adding these and any other animal rights

driven policies and amendments to the 2023 Farm Bill.

Wayne Pacelle and Marty Irby, both with the radical animal rights organization, Animal

Wellness Action, in addition to American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to

Animals (ASPCA) have made the proclamation that they intend to amend the 2023 Farm

Bill with the following bills:

1. Save American Forgotten Equines (SAFE) Act H.R.3355/S.901

This ban on U.S. horse slaughter would be the final death blow to the horse

industry. It would close the borders for transport of horses to slaughter in

Canada and Mexico.

2. Prevent All Soring Tactics (PAST) Act H.R. 5441

PAST ACT amends the Horse Protection Act which already imposes strong rules

and regulations on the Tennessee Walking Horse Industry.

PAST ACT issues penalties based on the standards of the animal rights groups.

The economic impact of PAST ACT would be detrimental to farriers,

veterinarians, feed and tack companies, restaurants, motels, retail stores,

trailer/truck dealers, and many more businesses.

The PAST ACT would remove all pads, weighted shoes, and all action devices

from show horses creating a terrible precedent to ban other training tools used

with livestock and other animals.

3. Puppy Protection Act of 2023 H.R.1624

H.R.1624 would amend the Animal Welfare Act to regulate dogs, and "for other

purposes." Proposed regulations under the Puppy Protection Act would include

unenforceable exercise and "meaningful socialization" mandates, temperature

restrictions not conducive to kennel husbandry needs, solid surface flooring,

breeding limitations, and other onerous requirements that are strictly animal

rights driven and designed to harm lawful kennels.


Over the past several decades, America has witnessed nothing short of a radical

transformation in the philosophy that informs the regulation and treatment of those

who own and breed animals for profit. Specifically, time-tested agricultural and animal

husbandry practices which ensure the health and safety of both people and animals are

incrementally being redefined as inhumane treatment of animal livestock by those who

have an emotional-based agenda. This shift has emboldened regulatory agencies and

their inspectors to increasingly make use of fines and seizures that are based more in an

effort to appeal to public sentiment than they are in the letter of the law or the

standard best practices of animal agriculture producers.

This shift can be traced directly to what is known as the “animal rights movement,” an

ideology that has gradually gained a foothold in universities and local, state, and federal

government throughout the past 50 years. What was once a ragtag group of extremists

is now a multi-million-dollar coalition of organizations that raise money under the guise

of running pet shelters and ultimately, these organizations spend that money on the

promotion of increased regulation on animal ownership, animal enterprise, and animal


If these organizations had their way, all pets would be adopted from shelters and the

consumption of meat would be prohibitively expensive for most Americans. All animal

rights organizations and their followers advocate for vegan lifestyle and policies.


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