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American Agri-Women support Senators Amy Klobuchar, (D - MN); Joni Ernst, (R – IA);

Tammy Duckworth, (D – IL); and Chuck Grassley, (R – IA) in sponsoring the Next

Generation Fuels Act. We advocate for the increased use of clean fuels – ethanol, biodiesel, and bio-mass fuels.


American Agri-Women urges Congress to use homegrown energy (bio-fuels, ethanol,

bio-mass) by increasing the RFS (Renewable Fuels Standard). This helps lower prices at

the pump, improves the engine’s efficiency, all while adding to our economy, creating a

larger demand for the American Farmer’s commodities, and making the United States

less dependent on foreign oil all while decreasing greenhouse gases.


Ethanol and Biofuels are important in working to address emissions reductions to

reduce stress on our climate. The Next Generation Fuels Act would raise the octane rate

from 91 to 98 and would require the carbon emissions to be reduced by 40%.

Compared to regular gasoline, ethanol has a higher octane rating so higher ethanol

blends would achieve this goal.

While the environmental benefits are substantial, growing and producing clean fuels

generates a major economic impact with good paying jobs. Bio-diesel alone adds 75,200

jobs, $3.6 billion in wages and more than $22 billion in economic activity. By adding

more ethanol and bio diesel, it helps reduce prices at the pump which is important now

more than ever as Opec+ has cut oil production.

Although AAW appreciates the EPA’s E15 waiver for this summer, we do not agree with

the agency’s proposal of a Renewable Fuels Standard that has the biomass-based diesel

volumes for the next three years “below” where volumes are today. The agency is

moving backward on cleaner burning fuels with lower volumes. American Agri-Women

wish to move forward and raise the RFS consistent with goals set by Congress.


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