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Vital Issues Committees

Government affairs and vital issues is our public policy arm that is tasked with the protection of agriculture and ensuring that America’s producers are able to continue producing safe, reliable and affordable food and ag products.

We take a non-partisan approach to policy and only take a national position when all of our members are in agreement.

AAW 2023 Position Statements 

Our committees include the following categories, with each assigned a chair and committee members:

  • Ag business issues, including global trade, ag labor, biotechnology and others

  • Animal welfare

  • Commodities

  • Crops

  • Education

  • Food safety

  • Livestock/dairy

  • Native pollinators

  • Natural resources

  • Taxes

We develop our policy positions each year at our Mid-Year Meeting and then present our positions at our annual Legislative Fly-In to Washington, D.C. each June.

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Legislative Advocacy

American Agri-Women is a non-partisan force for truth about American agriculture. Our vital issues committee keeps our members informed about important legislative issues, including opportunities to provide comments ahead of important Congressional votes.

Check out some of the key legislative issues we’re tracking now.

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