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Woman on a Deserted Road

Road to Influence

We are helping AAW members pave their own “Road to Influence.”  AAW’s Road to Influence is a member-only personal development and leadership  experience.

We are planting the future for dynamic women leaders to become a voice for truth in rural communities and agriculture.

Skills for Home, Work, Community & Volunteer

This three-phase journey focuses on providing women in rural communities, agriculture, and agribusiness, an authentic learning experience designed to identify and move beyond limiting beliefs and behaviors, ultimately growing into stronger leaders for American Agri-Women and beyond.

Three Phases to Fulfillment


Phase ONE: Participants turn inward and engage in self-reflection and study, using a variety of tools to develop a deep understanding of self, communication styles/effective communication, emotional intelligence, and beyond.

Phase TWO: Apply understanding of self to working in teams by developing core competencies related to motivation, conflict resolution, building trust and collaboration.

Phase THREE: Put learned concepts into action as the group selects from a list of ‘needs’ generated by the AAW leaders to develop a project or initiative from concept to completion.

Each cohort runs for 18 months, the current one ending November 2024. Members can join the waiting list for this innovative experience, combining traditional learning formats with peer collaboration to inspire and develop leaders for our organization and the broader agriculture industry.

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